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You know all those ads following you around the Internet?

Fig. 1 hay there fish

They're from online tracking.

Fig. 2 ever feel like there's someone watching over your shoulder?

You're also getting charged different prices

Fig. 3 screenshot from a WSJ article

based on profiles corporations build about you.

Fig. 4 screenshot of a Google ads profile

No one knows more about you than Google.

Fig. 5 Big Brother ain't got nothing on me

You share your problems with your search engine,

Fig. 6 I think this is what all of those lumps mean

and Google saves all of them with your profile,

Fig. 7 just doing research, I swear

which advertisers use to target ads at you everywhere,

Fig. 8 the pants that stalked me on the web

since Google's ads are on millions of Web sites.

Fig. 9

But that's not all.

Fig. 10 that's not all, folks!

Your saved searches can be legally requested,

Fig. 11 number of legal requests made to Google for user history - a chart that just keeps growing

and then come back to haunt you.

Fig. 12

Your browser's "private" mode won't help you.

Fig. 13 throwing a bucket of water on a towering inferno

and neither will its misleading "Do Not Track" setting.

Fig. 14 'Do Not Track' is voluntary and useless

On the other hand...

Searching on DuckDuckGo is completely anonymous.

Fig. 15

We don't store any personal information at all.
That's our privacy policy in a nutshell.

Fig. 16 our privacy policy in a nutshell... get it?

So don't get tracked when searching. Use DuckDuckGo!

Privacy is just one of the many reasons why its awesome!

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